Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Top Ten Tuesday Fifty One

Top Ten Blogs I love that aren't about books

Top ten tuesday is a weekly feature/meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.  I was quite excited for this weeks topic, as not only can I share with you some of my favourite non-bookish blogs and websites , but I can also find some new ones too.  That said, once again time did mean that I only got six, but I still thought they were all worth sharing.  And so, enjoy! 

If I ever need an idea for a DIY or just need a little inspiration, this is the first place go to.  I love having a look at some of their DIYs for the weekend and I can't tell you how badly they make me want to get up and give each and everyone a go as soon as! 

I can't even remember exactly how I discovered Abbie's blog, all I know is that I'm so glad I did!  I love the combination of different things on her blog, and how I can always go there for good music suggestion as well to envy over how good her pictures are.

Despite loving her YouTube channel as well, I can't help but also love her blog too.  I love the simplicity of her posts and how they differ from lifestyle chats to fashion video, but how everyone is still always a worth a little read.  

Despite her being a youtuber, her blog is the thing I follow, and I have to admit that I never mind seeing one of her posts pop up.  I love how normal she seems and how different the topics she talks about can be.

If I ever just need to indulge in some gorgeous writing, this is exactly where I turn.  Each and everyone of her blog posts is so beautifully written that I can't help but adore each and every one, plus her photos are also amazingly gorgeous.

Finally, despite being a very recent find, I couldn't not put this gorgeous little blog on here.  I love how basic yet how good all of her posts are and how unique they all seem, plus they always give me something to think about or to lift my mood a little.  



  1. OH what an interesting list, I don't know any of these, but I'm definitely going to check them out! :)

  2. These are some great blogs to check out! Great list :)

    Thanks for stopping by JUBB!

  3. Great list, Alice Rose! I'll definitely have to look at Lauren Emily's. Sounds lovely. :)

    Thank you SO much for stopping by Finding Wonderland. Visit anytime. :)

    1. Thank you! I'd definitely recommend checking out her blog out :)