Sunday, 22 May 2016

A Reader Reccommends

So recently I've been seeing and loving a lot of recommendation type blog posts and videos, particularly ones based around if you like this, try this.  And so, I thought I'd give it a little go myself as I thought it would be a bit of a fun and different way of suggesting some books to you.  And so, enjoy! 

If you liked the plot twist in Looking For Alaska, but want it in a little less everyday setting... 
Try Revived by Cat Patrick -

Both of these are favourites of mine, and so I'd always recommend both.  Revived is definitely the lesser known of the two, but is still an amazing book which includes some great twists you won't see coming.  It is a little different to Looking For Alaska story wise, but if you like not knowing where the story will turn next or if you want a contemporary involving a little mystery then definitely give it a go.

If you liked the sci-fi aspect of The 5th Wave, but want a little more romance... 
Try The Host by Stephenie Meyer -

So yes, I know alot of people will have already heard of the host, but if you have yet to give it a go, then I would definitely recommend it, especially if the 5th wave surprised you if your not normally a huge sci-fi fan.  I personally love both of these, as they include a sci-fi aspect without overwhelming you and are stories that completely draw you in.  So if you fancy another alienesque story that doesn't take place in space and adds a little romance into the mix, then The Host is definitely worth checking out. 

If you liked the strong characters in The Raven Boys, but want a little more lighthearted contemporary story... 

Now I'm sure everyone has heard of or read The Book Thief, but not as many seem to realize that some of his other books are just as good, such as this one.  At first glance, you wouldn't think that these two would be similar at all, when in fact both have one thing in common - great characters who drive the book forward.  Both have such amazing, complex characters, so definitely give this one a go if that was one aspect you loved in The Raven Boys.

If you liked the fantasy world in Shadow and Bone, but maybe want a little more conspiracy in a new setting... 

I do unfortunately have yet to finish either of these series, but that doesn't mean that I can't recommend them anyway because so far, both of these are such great stories that I can't wait to continue with.  They are both amazing fantasies that include some great character and love triangles that, for once, I am not entirely against.  So if you looking for something similar to Shadow and Bone or just want a good, fast paced fantasy, I definitely recommend giving the Kanin chronicles a go.


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