Sunday, 29 May 2016

Night Owls by Jenn Bennett

I recently decided to pick this one up after being in a reading slump for quite a while now and so was in the mood for a fairly short little contemporary, and so I thought I'd give this one a read, and I'm really glad I did.  I found this to be the perfect book for my mood and really enjoyed the story, and found it to be a lot better than I was anticipating.  

Firstly, the characters - I loved them!  I found all of them to be so unique and really different from each other, something which I really enjoyed seeing.  I also loved how no one felt perfect, and how they all had flaws and all had problems that they had to overcome, especially some of our main characters such as Bex and Jack.  It was really refreshing to see people with real lives and who I found I could often relate to in at least one way or another.

Bex and Jack were two of the characters I really enjoyed in this.  I really like Bex's determination to get where she wanted to be and how hardworking she was in so many different aspects.  As for Jack. I really enjoyed learning more and more about his character as the story progressed and seeing how caring he really was.  

Speaking of these two characters, one of the key aspects I really enjoyed in this was the romance.  Not only did I like both the characters individually, but I also really enjoyed watching how their relationship evolved throughout the book and how it took time for them to really get to know each other and figure out their relationship together.  They never rushed things despite both knowing they were attracted to each other and I just really Iiked how their relationship was shown as a whole.

One thing which I found made the book a bit different to others was the two unique artists and how their creativeness became quite a large part of the plot.  I loved how they both had their own different style of art and how individual these were, as well as how I found they respected the others work and supported them even if it was little different.  I also really like how the art was shown in such a positive way, especially the graffiti, as it really was something I hadn't seen a ton beforehand, especially Bex's interest in anatomical art.  

The main plot of this book follows Jack and Bex as they figure out their relationship and as they each attempt to move through other problems and events happening in both of their lives.  I really enjoyed how the plot moved in this as it never seemed to be following just one key idea, but instead had many different aspects that all helped move along the story.  Although at first I thought this would sometimes cause the story to drag, I instead found each and every different direction or subplot to be interesting and they never caused the plot to drag or the pace to slow at all.

Speaking of all the different aspects of this, I really liked how some of the smaller plot points were intertwined easily into the story and how each of them covered such different topics to each other.  I loved learning about both Bex and Jack's past and I liked how neither of these were given in info dumps but were rather well placed when they were spoken about.  I also really liked how diverse some of the subjects were, such as mental illness and homelessness, but also how these weren't shoved right at the forefront.  

Finally, going back to the realisticness of the characters, I really enjoyed seeing the normality of life and how both families were presented differently but both still with problems they worked through together.  I really liked how solid a family Bex's but how they still did have their arguments and still had things they had to work through together, as well as how well I thought the sibling relationships were shown very positively and as very understanding. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good contemporary romance.  

Character(s): Bex
Quote(s): But the sensible thing and the right thing weren't always the same choice, and no one but you could truly understand the difference

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