Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

This is a book I have been wanting to read for so long now, after hearing such good reviews about it for a while.  Before now, I had attempted to read this once before, a good while ago now, so it's safe to say that I was a little nervous despite really wanting to try it again as I knew I had given up on it before.  However, I am really glad that I did give it a second go, as I ended up really enjoying it.  

This book follows the characters as they go on a search for something magical, facing struggles and other problems along the way.  I loved the entire concept of this book, and liked how certain aspect weren't known straight away by both us and Blue.  I also enjoyed how influential alot of the subplots were in this book, with them often taking over from the main idea.  

I also found the progression of the storylines to be done really well, with all the mysteries and hidden stories slowly being revealed as the book went on.  I loved how we slowly began to understand all of the character's motives and backgrounds especially when it came to Gansey and Adam.  And some of the plot twists in here - amazing.  All of them were just so well done that I didn't see them coming, but they still made complete sense when they were revealed.  

The writing style was another aspect which I thoroughly enjoyed about this book.  It really fitted in well with the atmosphere and gave something else to the book.  It was so detailed yet not overly so and so was definitely something you had to pay attention to.  You have to give your whole attention to this book but it is definitely worth it! 

But, as I'm sure many will agree, this book focuses on one thing and one thing entirely - the characters.  Each and everyone of them is different and memorable in their own right, with no confusion every coming about who's who.  I loved reading about all of them, from Blue and her family of physics to the raven boys, Gansey, Adam, Ronan and Noah.  Each of them had their own role to play and were developed so well that it was impossible not to love them all.  

The relationship between the characters was another thing that couldn't be ignored.  The dynamics between all of the raven boys and Blue just worked so well, and they all fitted together so easily.  I particularly liked the relationship between Gansey and Adam, as it really showed you who they were.

Finally, likely my only problem with this book came with the ending.  I found that it all came along a little quickly and that the last few chapters were slightly confusing due to this.  There was also one thing that happened that I didn't agree with and don't think needed to take place.  Although I do understand the reasoning behind it, I do think that things could have happened differently, but that is just my opinion.  

For me, The Raven Boys is a story I am so glad I read and one I would definitely recommend others to read.  I'm interested into how the series will progress and can't wait to read the next book in the series.  

Character(s): Gansey, Noah 
Scene(s): Adam leaving home 
Quote(s): You're looking for a God.  Didn't you suspect that there was also a devil?

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  1. I literally just replied to a comment of yours on MY blog where you were saying you wanted to read it soon - how funny! I'm glad you read this and enjoyed it! I read it last month and I'm so in love with all the characters and I'm so interested in their quest. I can't wait to continue with the series.

    1. What perfect timing! Great to hear you enjoyed it too as it is a series I am now so excited to get into and yes, the characters are just amazing! I can't wait to pick the next one up soon - hopefully its just as good!