Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Top Ten Tuesday Forty Six

Top Ten Bookish people you should follow

Top ten tuesday is a weekly feature/ meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.  This weeks topic was one, that once again, I was super excited for as it was quite different to normal, in that instead of talking about the books we love, we can talk about the people who talk about books that we love.  And so, here are some of my favourite bookish people from across the internet - enjoy!  

(Sorry to interrupt you on my own blog post, but just thought I'd mention that I just started my own bookstagram - yay! - so if you fancy giving it a little look then my username is @areadersfiction.  Thanks! )

Instagram -

@Cityofchapters - Honestly, I'm pretty sure I fell in love her feed the moment I set eyes on it.  It's just so beautifully minimalistic and so simple but the white theme just works to well and I just absolutely adore it.   

@Padfoot_andprongs - Another account here with a feed I envy and adore so much.  I love the simple white background that has become a theme for her account but also the appearance of little trinkets and objects that just make the photos that little bit prettier.  

@Turning.page - Finally, I had to mention this account, another which I clearly adore!  I can't exactly pinpoint why I love her feed as much as I do but I think I just like how simple but gorgeous her photos look - they're just so pretty!  

Youtube -

Readbyzoe - I'm pretty sure she was one of the first booktubers I subscribed too, and still now I get excited when she uploads a new video.  She just seems like such a nice person and I always enjoy watching one of her videos.  

Riley Marie - I can't remember exactly how long I've been subscribed to Riley now, all I know is that I'm so glad I am!  Everytime video of hers I watch I enjoy, and I also love how many different books I have been introduced to thanks to her.  

The book vagrant -  A much more recent subscription here, but a good one nonetheless.  Again, she just seems like such a nice and normal person who I can easily relate to and who I always love to watch talk about books and everything to do with them.  

Blogs -

Emma the Booklover - If I'm ever in the mood to read a blog post or too, then Emma is one of the first people I turn to.  I know that I will want to read pretty much anything she posts as they are always just the right length and always engaging and interesting.  Her pictures also always give me just a hint of bookstagram envy!  

In the Leaves - I have some serious blog envy for this blog's layout - just look at how pretty it is!  Again, I always love it when a new post from her pops up on my screen and I can never hold off from reading it as soon as possible.  

Bedtime Bookworm - Finally, I can't tell you how long I have been reading and admiring this blog in all its beauty.  From the gorgeously simple theme and layout to the amazing posts, I never complain about sitting down to read one of her posts.

Who are some of your favourite bookish people on social media?  


  1. Great picks this week! I love this weeks topic, I get to share some of my favourite bookish people but then I am also discovering new ones that I can follow. Thanks for the awesome recommendations, some of these are completely new to me and I can't wait to check them out :) You can see my picks here

    1. Thanks! I know its definitely a good one, with everyone sharing their favourites and discovering new ones. I'm loving finding some new bookish people to follow!

  2. Oh I follow Riley Marie on booktube as well. She's great fun to watch. :)

    1. Yeah, I also love watching her, glad someone else does too!

  3. I've not really followed a lot of booktubers, but I'm looking to start finding some, so thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Glad I could give you some recommendations!