Sunday, 20 March 2016

Reading slumps - Books and tips to get you out of one

Reading slumps - we've all experienced them - anyone who says they haven't is more than likely lying.  And we can all agree that being in one is never fun.  But getting out of one can be extremely hard, so much so that sometimes it can seem impossible.  So, I decided to attempt to help all those who need it with some tips and book suggestion next time you find yourself in one.  I'm by no means an expert, but hopefully these will at least give you something to try if find yourself without the will to read.  Enjoy! 


Prioritize reading - make time to read rather than just reading when you have a free moment or two -
One of the reasons for getting into a reading slump can be lack of time.  It can be extremely hard to find a sufficient amount of time to read in a busy schedule, and sometimes when the free moments do come it can be so much easier to just sit and watch another episode of that show you're in the middle  of.  So, why not try allocating a set amount of time each day or every other day to simply sit down and read.

Read something you are genuinely excited to read instead of something you should read -
Often us readers can find ourselves picking up a book simply because it's been sitting on our shelf for years, or because we really should move out of our comfort zone and read that classic the rest of the world read years ago.  But reading a book you aren't actually that interested is often one of the reasons I end up in a slump, because in all honestly, I really don't want to read that book, even if I think I should.  So, even if you're dead in the middle of a book, try picking up something truly can't wait to read, even if it's not the most intellectual piece of reading you'll do.  I bet you'll enjoy it ten times more.

Read short stories, either on the side of what you are reading or even instead of -
If I'm ever not enjoying what I'm reading, or I'm not in the mood to read much at all, I will often find myself so much more drawn to a collection of short stories than I normally am.  Why?  Because they're quick, easy and involve no commitment.  They are meant to be read in one sitting.  And although they may not give you your next book (although checking out the author who wrote them may), they may just re-spark your desire to read that you thought you may have lost forever.  

Books to read:

Strangely enough, a good series could really help with your reading slump.  This one is a great one to try if you haven't already as it's fast paced and quickly transports into its amazing world, with great characters to help you along the way.  And if that isn't good enough, the entire series, as well as the prequel trilogy, is already complete, so you can marathon these without having to wait months for the next one!

Sometimes shorter, snapper books can really do the trick to get you back into the swing of reading.  Not only is this one perfect because it is only just over 200 pages long, it is also written in a lyrical fashion with captivates you from the offset, so you can indulge in some beautiful writing while you tackle that slump.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith - 
Finally, I believe that you can never go wrong with a little contemporary to warm your heart.  Not only is this one also short, it takes place over a mere 24 hours, exactly the amount of time you make take to get through this!  You'll be sucked into this cute little story and won't want to put it down, exactly what you need to escape that reading slump! 

How do you get out of a reading slump?  Are there any genres or books you turn to when you find yourself in one?  

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