Sunday, 17 January 2016

Numbers series review

After recently finishing the last book in this series, I realised that I had never done a review on any of the three books at all.  And so, with so many thoughts on this final book and on the series, I decided that instead of writing a review on just the last book, I would share my opinions and thoughts on all three.  Despite doing reviews before, this is the first time I have down a review on an entire series, so I hope you enjoy it! 

The series follows characters who, the moment they look into someone's eyes, can see the date that they will die.  This concept was exactly what first drew me in, as I had never read anything like this before, and so was instantly intrigued.  I found it to be a really engaging idea, especially at the start of books one and two, as it was interesting to see what it would mean for the characters and how they would deal with it.  However, by the third book this concept got kind of lost in my opinion and the whole general idea of the books had grown too much for me.  

As said above, the books in the series all follow characters who can see the date of someone's death, with the main characters changing between books one and two (sorry if that counts as a spoiler).  Personally, I enjoyed reading from the perspectives of all the characters who's eyes we saw through l especially Sarah's.  I really liked how she grew as a character and as a person, especially in the last book.  My only problem with characters came with Adam in the final book, who I just found extremely annoying and I just really couldn't get along with him at all.  

The writing style of these books is one thing that really gripped me from the beginning, as it was different without being wildly so.  The grittiness and fast paced style really fitted well with the storyline, especially in the first book and really kept me hooked throughout.  Once again though, I felt this was kind of lost by book three unfortunately, as the speed of the plot slowed down drastically here.

Finally, the plot and storyline.  For me, the plot always seemed to be interesting to read about and although I did find a few things in all three books to be slightly unrealistic, the problems they faced also fitted well into the storyline.  Personally, I particularly liked the plot of the second book, as it mixed well reality and the paranormal side without overloading on one or the other, something that I found did happen in book three. 

And so, I think it's safe to say that despite really enjoying the first two books, I was definitely not a fan of the final installment.  I would still recommend the series to anyone interested or for anyone looking for something similar, as it is well worth a go.  

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