Sunday, 31 January 2016

I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

After reading, and absolutely loving, The Book Thief a few years ago now, I was quick to find and read another book by Markus Zusak.  But for some reason, despite owning this book for at least a year so now (likely more) I have only just got round to actually reading it; and I can't tell you how happy I am that I finally have.  It was entirely different to The Book Thief in almost every aspect and yet was still just as engaging and almost as brilliant as it - and that's saying alot considering I doubt anything will ever beat my love for that book.  

This book tells the story of Ed as he becomes the messenger, helping people all through words on playing cards after he stops a bank robbery.  This whole idea was one I found very original, and one I thoroughly enjoyed reading about.  It was so enjoyable watching him visit and meet all these different people, each of them with a new story.  I also liked the mysteries that often came along with the cards when they first arrived, as it gave something a bit more to the idea.  

Although the story focuses on our main character of Ed, we get to meet so many other characters through the book due to his mission.  I can't tell you how much I loved each and every new character we got to meet, each of them so memorable and so unique.  The introduction of all of these side characters really gave something else to the book. as it allowed the number of them to slowly grow without ever overwhelming the reader.  

However, some of the best characters had to be Ed's friends, Audrey, Marv and Ritchie.  All three of them were such good characters who I loved slowly getting to know and whose stories we slowly began to understand and learn throughout.  I also really enjoyed watching Ed himself grow as the story progressed, with him learning more about both himself and his friends as it went on.  

One of my favourite things about The Book Thief was definitely the writing style, and this was no different here.  Despite the style contrasting hugely with that in The Book Thief, it was still just as engaging and almost just as beautiful in its own unique way.  It was certainly one of the aspects that kept me reading and turning the pages as quickly as I did as it fitted the story so well and kept the story going at exactly the right pace.  

Finally, how could I not be a fan of that ending?  I loved how unexpected it all was and how it went such a different way than I thought it would even pages beforehand.  It also reminded me how much had happened since the first page and really made me realize how much of a journey it had taken me on.  But honestly, what I loved more than anything was the message it ended on.  I absolutely adored how much it made me think about reality and how much it stayed with me for so long afterwards.

Character(s): Ed, Marv 
Scene(s): Meet-a-priest day
Quote(s): Sometimes people are beautiful. 
Not in looks. 
Not in what they say.
Just in what they are. 

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