Sunday, 2 April 2017

My favourite books about travel

Recently whilst trying to plan out some of my future blog posts, I realised that I was a little bored of the repeated content that I was putting up week after week, and so decided that I wanted to try and do something else a little new and different for me.  So, after searching for some books that had a large focus on or had aspects of travel and different places within them, I realized that I had already read a fair few books with that sort of element in them in, and so thought this would be a perfect topic to recommend some books on.  And so, enjoy!

Firstly, I'm sure so many people have either heard of or read this book by now, but if you have yet to pick it up and enjoy books set in different countries, then why not give it a go.  This one follows Anna as she is sent off to boarding school in Paris in France and has to adapt to her new life there.  It's a perfect little romance that you can insanely fall in into set in one of the most romantic cities in the world and is just a gorgeous contemporary about friendship, relationship and finding your way somewhere new.

This one's a little more underrated than Anna, but a great read all the same, and one that will take you all around Italy, from Venice to Rome to Florence.  Not only did I adore the gorgeous settings of this book, and how you got to see the two brothers that this book focuses on, Elijah and Danny, visit so many amazing places, but it is also a really great book about family and not losing sight of what's important.

I really don't want to say too much about this one at all as I know that from anyone who hasn't read this one's perspective this one might come as surprise and so I really don't want to spoil this one for people who do want to read this but have yet to.  What I will say is that I am surprised how much I enjoyed this one and how addictive it was as I read in less than two days which at the moment is unheard for me and would definitely recommend people giving it a go if you haven't already.

If you are a fan of roadtrip books, this one is perfect for you.  This one follows Amy and Roger as they drive across America, learning more about both themselves and each other as they go.  It is such a perfect spring and summer read, and includes such an amazing romance that you will almost certainly adore, and also includes little momento's and playlists from the pairs journey across the country that just make this book even more amazing than it already is.

This one was such a spontaneous read for me but I am so glad I did end up picking it up because it became one of my favourite books of last year, with one of my favourite aspects being the gorgeous setting of Hawaii in which the majority of the book is set.  This book follows our main character of Nix as she and the rest of the crew on her father's ship attempt to gain a map back to a place from his past and includes an awesome time travel aspect that I absolutely adored.  This book just transported me to a setting that I just never wanted to leave and let me escape into its world and its characters.  

This is another very cute, not too heavy contemporary that will just draw you into the romance and take you on a journey with our two main characters.  What I loved most about this one was how it wasn't just set in one place, but actually takes you all around Europe and America and allows you to escape to and visit so many beautiful places through this story.  It was also just a really gorgeous little romance about Lucy and Owen as they get to know each other one night in a blackout in New York before they both leave and are forced to continue their relationship through postcards and emails.

Here's another that's perfect for anyone who's a fan of road trip books, as this one follows Q as he searches for Margo, the girl next door who he's determined to find.  Other than the travel aspect, one of my favourite things about this book was the friendship and almost finding yourself part of this story that showed how strong friendships can be and how far they are willing to go for something that is important to you.  

Finally, I recently picked this one up after realizing that I was in desperate need of reading a classic soon, and one of the key reasons I actually choose to read this one was because of its setting in France and around Europe.  This one follows Nicole and Dick Diver as Rosemary Hoyt enters their circle, as their dark secrets start to reveal themselves.  This one is perfect if you're a lover of classics, or just want to read more of them, and takes you to so many places and through so many events all in the space of one book.   

What are some of your favourite books about travel?  Have you read any of these - what did you think?

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