Sunday, 12 March 2017

Spring TBR

We are finally into March and so with this new months come a new TBR to hopefully give me a little guidance and inspiration in my reading over the next couple of months.  So far this year I have been fairly happy with my reading habits, but am still determined to make reading more of a habit than it is for me at the minute, and so hopefully read more than I currently am as well.  Hopefully this TBR will also motivate me to keep reading even more than I am as I am really excited about reading all of these books, and so am desparate to get to them soon.  
And so, enjoy! 

 As much as I have been adoring reading some contemporary recently, I still don't want to move completely away from fantasy over the next few months.  This one tells the story of Amani as in her desperation to escape her dead-end town of Dustwalk escapes with Jin, a fugitive wanted for treason.  As soon as read the synopsis for this one, I was instantly drawn into the magical setting and story of it.  Not only does it sound like it hopefully be quite action-packed, but it also sounds as if its set in different fantasy setting to what I've read before, and so along with the romance this sounds like a book I should really enjoy.  

 It has been way too long since I last read a classic ( the last one I read was The Great Gatsby last summer!) and so picking one up soon is definitely a priority of mine.  I actually picked this one up super recently for that very same reason, as well as because of how much I loved The Great Gatsby, and so I thought that for my next classic I would try another book by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  This one follows Nicole and Dick Diver as Rosemary Hoyt enters their circle, as their dark secrets start to reveal themselves.  As this goes up I have actually already started this one, and so far I'm really enjoying it, so hopefully it continues just as well as it has started.  

 I'm pretty sure if I looked back and found which book had been on the most of my TBR's, this one would be the clear winner.  I have been meaning to read this book for so long I can't even remember when I first got it, let alone when I first heard about and was interested in reading it, so I think its well about time I finally got around to actually reading it.  This book is about Cath as she is forced out of her comfort zone as she and her twin sister Wren go off to college.  I have heard so many people say they love this book, so I can't wait to finally give it a go and hopefully love it as well! 

Last year I finally read Throne of Glass after hearing about this series constantly, and so this month it is definitely time to continue on and see where this story is going next.  I absolutely adored everything about the first book in this series and so can't wait to dive deeper into this world and rejoin the amazing characters in it again.  I'm also pretty sure the last book in this series has been pushed back to next year, so now I might just have a chance to catch up before then as long as continue with this book really soon! 

 Finally, as I have recently been in the mood for contemporary I thought I would stick another on here as I am pretty sure I will still be wanting to read so many in the spring.  This is another I have had for a while now and so am really needing to get round to some time soon before I lose interest in it completely.  I just love the concept of this one, as it focuses on all the people around the 'chosen one' and the normal lives they are trying to lead, and so hopefully this one is good as it sounds! 

What books do you hope to read in the springtime?  Have you read any of these - what did you think?


  1. You have a great TBR! I love Fangirl. I hope you do too.

    1. Thank you! I've heard such good things about Fangirl that I can't wait to read it soon :)