Friday, 5 June 2015

Forgotten Friday Four

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan: 

As has been the trend of a lot of my Forgotten Friday posts, this is another which I read and reviewed last summer, but never got round to posting.  And, seeing as I am still only halfway through my current read (Girl of Nightmare by Kendrae Blake), but still wanting to post, I figured that it was time for this one to finally go up.  So here is my review of Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters:

Review -

After reading the first of the series (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief) earlier this year, I wasn’t amazingly keen to read this one.  I so badly wanted to like the first one, after hearing so many good things about the series, but unfortunately it failed to really draw me in and I found myself not too attached to the characters or the story; although I do blame myself for not reading them earlier, as my view may just be because they are aimed at 9 and 10 year olds!

Despite this though, I found myself picking up the 2nd one recently, deciding to give the series another go – and I'm glad I did!  I found that I enjoyed this one alot more than the first, with the 
characters growing more on me and the overall story being one I was eager to read about.  Due to this, instead of finding that I was having to force myself through chapters (as was sometimes the case with the Lightning Thief), I was actually wanting to continue on and read further and further into the story, resulting in me finished the book in a mere two days.  I think it may have been the absence of unrelated events, something I found a lot of in the lightning thief, which hooked me this time, as I was able to see reasons for most of their actions.  

As for the characters, I was happy to see an addition to the usual trio (Percy, Annabeth and Grover) in Tyson and actually found myself really warming to him -  I think he might even be my favourite character so far!  I just loved his childish nature and the irony of his character, as well as the humorous love/ hate relationship which existed between him and Percy.  As well as this, I also  liked seeing more of Clarise and, dare I say, less of Grover.  I don’t have a problem with Grover at all, I just preferred the trio in this book.  Sorry!
Finally, I think that, as usual, my favourite part of this book was the ending.  Without spoiling anything, it left me shocked and wanting to quickly grab the next one.  I never expected the turn of events and I honestly loved it!  It gives the story somewhere to go, and has me really excited to read the Titan's Curse! 

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