Sunday, 15 January 2017

New Year Bookish Resolutions

Despite it already being a couple of weeks into the new year, today I thought I would share with you some of my book and blogging related new year's resolutions and goals that I hope to have achieved by the end of 2017.  Last year was definitely not the best year for me in any aspects of reading or blogging or just generally having much motivation at all, and so unfortunately many of my goals from last didn't get met by a long shot.  So, I figured that a new year brings a new start for me to finally get back into all the habits I fell out of in 2016 and what better way to do that than to set myself some challenges for the next twelve months.  And so, enjoy! 

It's no surprise that after my horrendous reading year last year, I only managed to read 28 books last year, which meant I was miles off my goal of 40 books.  So, despite falling very short last year, I have decided to actually up my goal from last year by 10 books, which means I am back up to the same number of books I challenged myself to read the first time I ever completed the goodreads challenge.  I also hope that this will keep my motivation going as it is a very high target for me, especially for this year coming, and so it will take a lot of work to reach, whilst still being realistic!  

This goal is actually more or less a repeat from last year, as before then I had read a total of zero classics outside of the ones I had to read in school.  And although I didn't do amazingly well on this goal, only reading two classics throughout the whole year, I am proud that I managed to pick any up at all considering my previous record.  But I would still love to read so many more classics this year, which is why instead of setting a general resolution to read more classics, this time round I have actually challenged myself to read 5 classics throughout the year, which might not sound like much, but would be a huge accomplishment if I could actually achieve it.  

 Not only did my reading slump have a huge impact on my reading, but it also meant I didn't blog anywhere near as much as I wanted to, so one thing that I am determined to get back into this year is blogging regularly as well as making sure that I am proud of everything I post.  Last year I did aim to write more discussion posts and posts that differed from the usual book review, TTT or TBR, but unfortunately I had a huge lack of motivation to blog as well as to read, and so most of the stuff I did put up was very similar and lacked creativity.  So, I am going to turn this around in 2017 and from now start not only putting posts up regularly, but also hopefully making them different and more unique than I have before.  

But as much as I want to write more creative posts this year, I still want book reviews to be a major part of what I post, as I absolutely love writing them when I actually do so soon after I finish the book.  However, one of my worst habits and something that is becoming a major problem for me is not actually reviewing books or even making notes on them after I read them, instead letting them sit there whilst I read other stuff, so that when I finally do come to review them, not only have I forgotten half of what I thought about the book at the time, but I am also nowhere near as invested or as motivated to write about a book I read a good while ago.  

Therefore, in order to stop this from happening, I am going to get back into the habit of making notes on books while I read them and then review them as soon as I finish them, even if I don't put that review up straight away, so that I can actually enjoy writing reviews again and be motivated to do so. 

Finally, one of my biggest bookish accomplishments last year was finally starting my bookstagram account in the summer, which not only allowed me to connect with so many more people but also helped me feel even more involved in this community.  Unfortunately, like everything at the end of last year, my motivation for it waned and so my posts have become so much more spread out and I have felt so much more disconnected from it since.  So, to try and get back into something I really love, I am determined to post at least once a week to begin with, hopefully alot more when time goes on, to get back into bookstagram and become more active than I ever have been on there.

So there are my five bookish goals for 2017 - let's hope I can achieve them all!  

What are some of your bookish new year's resolutions?  

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