Tuesday, 31 January 2017

January Playlist

Today I have something that I have been wanting to do for so long now, but each time the month seems to pass so quickly and suddenly I'm left with another month gone where I haven't put this up.  As much as this blog is dedicated towards and hugely centered on books, I have recently been really wanting to and trying to expand from that just a little bit, and so one the ways I thought to do this was by sharing some of the music I have been listening to and loving in the past month.  I first saw this idea over on abbieemusicblog (definitely check out her blog - her posts are always great fun to read and her graphics are insanely gorgeous!) and instantly fell in love with it as music is another thing I adore and would love to start including more in my blog.  

This month I really got back into discovering both some new bands, like The Technicolours, as well listening to some new music from some of my favourite bands and artists.  It's safe to say I was more than happy when Ed Sheeran and The Maine both decided to release stuff this month!  I also got to see Cage the Elephant this month which was absolutely amazing and so its safe to say I listened to alot of their music throughout the month as well. 

What artists did you listen to this month?  What was your favourite song you listened to this month? 

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