Friday, 14 November 2014

Forgotten Friday One

Revived by Cat Patrick 

Hey, so I was actually planning on reviewing the book I am currently reading today, but I haven't finished it yet, so i thought I'd try something else instead.  I got the idea for this recently after finding book reviews that I never posted, and so decided to try something new - Forgotten Friday.  This is just an idea I thought of to allow all those books I either forgot to review or that I read before blogging, be reviewed, as it not only lets me post even when I haven't finished a book, but also allows me to go back and relive some of my favourite books.  I hoping it will also be a bit of a break from usual reviews, as I will be looking back on what I remember, not talking about a book I just read.

So here is my first (and hopefully not my last!) Forgotten Friday post:


Revived is one of my all time favourite books; it is one that I constantly reread and every time I fall in love with it even more.  I love the story-line, characters and somehow, every single time I read it, the ending still gives me chills.

First off, I love the concept of the book.  Even this questions human nature and death, topics which are dealt with throughout the book.  Every plot twist makes the reader more aware of their mortality, a clever trick which wells in Patrick's favour.  I think that the concept of being brought back to life is one that can either be written very badly, or written very well, and this is one book which definitely plays it particularly well.
But what is a good story-line without good characters - something this book has a ton of.  I recently said in a top ten tuesday post that I would love to see Audrey get her own book (Top Ten Tuesday link here), and this just reflects how much I love both her and Daisy.  I like how their friendship evolves and love Audrey's carefree attitude.
Finally, I have to say that I loved the secretive atmosphere which loomed throughout the whole book.  I enjoy books where you are constantly discovering new things with the character, and with Revived this is certainly the case.  I never expected or saw any of the plot twists coming and ,despite it not being a scary book, sometimes found myself a little frightened due to some later creepy discoveries...
Overall (as i keep saying!) I adore this book and never get old of reliving it's characters, even if some scenes still give me chills!


Somehow I know that eventually we'll fall back into step, so the pain is the low hum of detachment rather than the screaming stab of the end.” 
"But I've found a way to be happy with this new version of myself, the version with a missing piece but also with a better understanding of the value of friendship.
Of the value of life."
"Anger is manageable; sadness is heart-breaking."


Fix You - Coldplay 
A World Alone - Lorde 
Worth Wondering - Bronze Radio Return

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