Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Top Ten Tuesday Fifty Five

Top Ten Reasons why I love The Book Thief

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/ meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.  This weeks topic is one I've been excited about for a while now, as it means I get to share with you some of the reasons why I love one of my favourite books of all time, The Book Thief.  As soon as I heard this topic, I knew straight away what I was going to do, and so enjoy!  

1) Rudy and Liesel's friendship
I doubt any two people will ever fit as well together or have as amazing a friendship as these two have.  I can't tell you much I love their relationship and how they depend on and help each other out over the years.  They just rely on and love each other so much and I thoroughly enjoy reading about these two.  

2) Set in Nazi Germany - 
I will happily and openly admit that I love history, and so that aspect of this is one I thoroughly enjoy, and honestly think in my opinion is well done.  I love seeing all the stuff about the Hitler Youth and the persecution of the Jews and how this is shown in the story with Liesel's being able to see it as wrong.

3) Narrated by Death - 
Never before, or since, have I ever found a book with as unique an author as this one.  It allows such a different view on events to normal whilst still allowing us to see how the characters feel but also to see them as they are, and honestly it just works absolutely perfectly with the story.

4) The Huberman's - 
These might just be one of my all time favourite fictional families as they all just work so well together and are such a strong little family.  I love Rosa and her fiery temper and Hans and his little accordion and how well Liesel fits into their little family.

5) The Writing - 
I do believe this might be where my love of writing styles and of gorgeously written books came from, and it is most certainly the book at the top of my list for most beautifully written books.  Every sentence just seems to be constructed so delicate, with every word seemingly placed there purposely to create writing that I can't help but adore.  

6) The book stealing - 
As if this book wasn't amazing already, it also focuses alot on books and words, more importantly stealing books.  I love how Liesel's love of words is such a big aspect and how Max and Hans also seem to share and understand this, but ultimately also how it means so much to her that she ends up rightfully earning the title of the Book Thief.  

7) Max Vandenburg -
If I had to name some of my favourite characters of all time, Max would most definitely make it pretty far up that list, possibly even to the top.  He is honestly everything I love in a character, with his dream of seeing the stars again and his quiet manner.  I also adore how he feels bad for things he has done and how he understands the consequences of his actions, rather than simply dismissing them.  

8) The story itself - 
Despite all the other things that I love about this book, I surely couldn't adore it as much as I do without the story being just as fantastic.  I love how many different directions it goes in and how many different places it goes to and so how complex but beautiful it all is.  

9) Liesel - 
I couldn't list my favourite things about this book without mentioning the main characters somewhere along the way.  I love how we get to see her grow up throughout the book and how amazing and strong a character she is by the end of it.  

10) The ending - 
There seemed like no other way to finish than to talk about that ending - I think I'm still recovering from it.  It's heartbreaking and tragic but still somehow beautifully done and I'd bet anyone they couldn't not cry at it.  It rounds the story off so well and to me is the perfect brutally sad ending to such a spectacular story.



  1. I can't believe that I still haven't read this. It has been in my TBR for years.


    1. Obviously I'd definitely highly recommend and hope you enjoy it if you do read it!

  2. YES YES I COULDN'T AGREE MORE. Also GROSS SOBBING IN REMEMBERING. *hugs this book* It's just so so beautifully written, and how it's narrated by death? = I love that. Also Leisel and Rudy are amazing and also the German setting and also the Hubermans and just...everything. THIS BOOK IS PERFECTION IN PAGE FORM.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Yes, completely agree I do think I cried more at a book! This literally is perfection in a book, and I'm so glad someone else loves it as much as me :)