Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Game of Love and Death by Martha Barraclough


Ever since I first heard about this when it saw it mentioned online somewhere, I knew it was one that I had to get my hands.  I liked the summary and concept so much that I picked it up the first time I saw it, reading it only a few months later.  And trust me, it didn't disappoint.  I loved every twist and turn and honestly, I found it hard to put down even after I had finished it.

To begin, the plot was amazing.  I loved almost every part of it no matter which character it decided to follow.  Every sub plot was well thought out and had a place in the story, whilst the main storyline still managed to take charge and grip me throughout.  I loved the whole concept and so loved reading about the lives of both Henry and Flora as well as the tales of Love and Death.  It gripped me from the start and so I cared about every little thing that happened to them.  

But what's a good story without great characters, such as the ones in this book.  Again, I loved almost all these characters, from the good to the bad and the main characters to the side.  I loved how strong and determined Flora was and how she never stopped chasing her dreams no matter what happened, as well as how kind and caring Henry was.  I also loved the characters of Love and Death; how similar yet how different they were, with Love being  the kind hero where Death was the broken yet devilishly evil villain. particularly when she was in the form of another.  Finally, I have to mention my favourite side character in the form of Ethan, whose growth throughout the book and whose storyline I adored.

Relating to the character of Ethan, I also liked how many different topics were covered in this book, all of which were written so well.  I don't want to mention many due to spoilers but I loved how much more they gave to the book to make it so much more than a historical romance, with the main storyline between Flora and Henry being an awful lot more heartbreaking simple due to the colour of her skin and how much of a problem that caused in this time period and setting,  And as I have said above, I also loved the addition of Ethan's subplot which was just as tragic and heartwarming as the main plot.

One thing which I always seem to love in books is the writing style, which in this one I found particularly beautiful.  It seemed to fit the story and the period so well that it just made the story come to life that little bit more.

Finally, the one problem I had with this book was the ending, which I found to be quite confusing.  It could have just been me, but without the epilogue I would have been very lost as to what actually happened in that last scene, the dramatics for me taking away from how amazing and how much of a climax it could have been.

But overall, this was one that I absolutely adored and would recommend to anyone.  I loved how tragically beautiful this tale was and it is already up there with some of my other favourites!

Character(s): Flora, Death and Ethan 
Scene(s): Flora and Henry dancing on the rooftop
Quote(s): I suppose that's the thing with real life.  It has a way of not living up to the one you imagine"
"A life with all its business finished is a life too cautiously lived." 
"Life is a temporary condition, Henry.  And its uncertain...Every last one of us is going to die, but if we don't live as truly as we want, if we're not with the one we want to be with, we're dead already.  
"We do not choose whom we love.  We can choose how well." 

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