Sunday, 30 August 2015

Long Lankin by Lindsey Barraclough


After I first discovered this one late last year, I have been wanting to buy it and read it ever since, but have been putting it off due to the number of books that were already on my TBR.  But recently I finally gave in and brought it, with it being read pretty much as soon as I had.  However, I have to admit that I was actually quite disappointed with this one. I'm not sure if it just wasn't my cup of tea or if I just hyped it up too much myself, but I just found myself really not enjoying this one at all.

One of the main reasons for this was the very slow pace of the book.  I just found that a lot of the first half of the book was filled with too much pointless information and not enough which would actually be important to the plot.  Half the time it felt as though the characters were just wandering around aimlessly, and even when they weren't I had a hard time figuring what they actually were doing.  

Leading on from this, I felt that once the plot did get going that there was just too much going on at once.  I was so confused with how one sub-plot fitted in with the main story and with what was going on with another one entirely; I just didn't understand how so many things and people connected in with one main plot.  I found myself rejoicing whenever a explanation came that half the time that I felt there wasn't much point me reading the rest of it, which just left me more confused than before.  If I'm honest, I still don't think I have a complete idea what was going on even now!

Another reason for my confusion was the amount of characters included in this one book.  As much as I liked the split POV and felt it allowed us to see the story from different angles, I did get slightly irritated with just how many characters there were, with so many people included in one story.  So many people were involved that half the time I forget who one character was and why another was important that by the end I couldn't remember who half of them even were.

On a more positive note, I did like how the actual story of Long Lankin was revealed to us, although I would have prefered for it to have been uncovered earlier.  I actual search for answers when it related to the main story of the ghost himself, but felt that it spent too much time on extra information about  people's encounters with him.  I enjoyed hearing all the different stories about Long Lankin, but honestly I think that they should have been told alot sooner on.

Finally, as much as this was a ghost story and all, I really didn't find that scary.  I feel as though I say this about every horror book I read, but I really wanted this one to be alot more frightening than it was.  The only scenes I found scary were at the beginning, and these didn't even include Lankin himself, who was meant to be the main ghost/villain in this book.  Due to this, the ending for me was a bit of a let down.

So all in all, I was definitely not a fan of this one, and I think its safe to say that I will not be picking up the sequel - sorry! 


Character(s): Eda
Scene(s): Cora feeding the parrot and hearing the ghost
Quote(s): "Perhaps there are places people should never live in, never even got to, no matter how beautiful they may seem."


Song(s): Alive - Gabrielle Aplin


2.5 /5

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