Friday, 16 January 2015

The Originals by Cat Patrick


I first read this book probably around 2 years ago, and if I'm truly honest I don't remember enjoying as much as I loved both Revived and Forgotten.  However, I was keen to reread this as - likely down to the fact that I didn't love it - I remembered only the very basics of the plot, as well as the fact that I really wanted to be able to say that I like this as much as the other two.  Now, after reading this, I believe for only the second time, I have to admit that, although i did enjoy it, I am afraid that I did not love it.

To begin, I found the writing style very simple compared to some authors, and this both helped and hindered the book in different ways.  It meant that the characters and story-line were the main focus in the book, and stopped any points being over-complicated due to more complex and detailed writing.  However, it did sometimes cause the story to come across as quite blunt, with sections not being well described at all.  

Secondly, I found this to be very fast-paced, not so much with action and drama, but more with the fact that it moved over subjects very quickly, allowing for many different events to take place within only a couple of chapters.  It didn't seem to even skim over any pointless pieces of information, which sometimes made this hard to follow and ultimately made this a very quick read.  

Despite the main focus of the book being the three sisters/clones, romance is another theme played on a lot, something, which I have to admit, I quite liked.  I feel like it not only gave the story another dynamic, but also helped to lighten the overall mood of the book.  The romance was so cute and heartfelt, and I liked how it affect the main story-line.

One thing that I wasn't to keen on, however, was how underdeveloped the story and plot felt to me.  I don't think that it was at all complex and, although there is a major plot twist in this, I really felt the lack of twists and turns.  Personally, for a book with this unique and original concept, I would have liked to see more plot twists and just a more complicated story-line.

Overall, I think I am quite conflicted about this particular book.  I liked how quick a read it was, and how gripped I became, but I did feel very underwhelmed by the ending and lack of complexity.  I definitely think that, despite the deep underlying aspects, this is a fairly lighthearted read, but I would still say to give it go if you have read any of Cat Patrick's books, or if you are looking for a fast, light read.  

Quotes - (only found two - sorry!) 

"In life we make choices, and then we live with them... Live with the choice you made." 
"I guess it's hard to know where you going when you don't know where you've come from." 

Songs - 

I Know Places - Taylor Swift -I feel as though the lyrics of this relate quite well to the main relationship in this.
Safest Place - Echosmith - This song perfectly sums up the deception and hidden secrets that are a constant in this book, and honestly the lyrics relate so well to the story.
Home - Gabrielle Aplin- I think that some of the lyrics and overall meaning behind this song really relate well to Lizzie's life and her views, particularly as you get further into the book.

Other Books - 

Forgotten and Revived (review here) by Cat Patrick - I doubt these need explanations, but I will say that please don't let this review put you off Cat Patrick, as I have to admit that this is unfortunately my least favourite out of the three, and I love both of these so much, so definitely pick these up. 
Numbers by Rachel Ward - This is another book about a teenager girl's life with a twist, but this is a lot more action packed, and focuses less on romance and other aspects that this book centers on more.  
The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp - This is a contemporary that I'm sure most people have heard of, but I think relates to the relationships that form in The Originals, even if they are not clearly similar.  

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