Wednesday, 10 May 2017

April Wrap Up

As is always the case, May is already upon us and so with its arrival comes the end of April which means its time for a little April Wrap Up.  Once again, I had a pretty mediocre reading month in terms of how many books I actually read, as four has kind of been my average so far.  However, as much as I still managed to read 4 books, in terms of my actual reading habits, April was likely the strangest month I have had in awhile as I read really sporadically, with one book taking me two weeks and then another taking me just a day.  At one point in the month, I was also in the middle of 4 books, something that never happens to me as I someone who swears by reading one book at a time.  Nonetheless, I did still manage to get to a couple of really good books this month, as well as a few that I didn't enjoy so much.  And so, enjoy!

 As I have already said a fair bit, this was one of my most anticipated releases this year, and so I had to pick it up as soon as I got my hands on it at the end of March.  This book is the sequel to The Girl From Everywhere, which follows Nix and her father's crew as they sail through time in an attempt to save her mother.  I really enjoyed this one when I read it around the same time last year, and so I was so excited about picking this one up and seeing where the story went and what happened to the characters in this second book.  Unfortunately though, I really didn't end up enjoying this one.  As much as I wanted to love it I just really couldn't get into the book and honestly just really wasn't a fan of much about it at all.  I really couldn't get into the plot or grasp it half the time, and the characters just felt alot flatter in this one, with the focus also shifted on some of those who I hadn't liked in the first book, and who I actually grew to dislike even more in this one.  Overall this one just really wasn't for me.

Rating - 2/5

After reading The Ship Beyond Time, I was suddenly surprising in the mood for some historical fiction, and so I was drawn instantly to this one which has been sitting on my shelf for way too long now.  This one follows Matthew and Katherine, two characters who continuously meet and fall in love only to be separated before coming back again and reliving their lives throughout different time periods.  One of my favourite things about this book was the continuous switch between the different periods covered in this book, and how we followed so many different stories all at once without it getting too confusing.  However, whilst I did like the basic idea and story of this and liked how quick a read it was, I'm still a little undecided on my overall thoughts for this one but at the minute I do still think that I will be continuing on with the next book to see what happens next and how the story develops.

Rating - 2.5/5

This was when the month began to get a little different for me.  After finishing The Next Together, I really wasn't too sure what I was in the mood for next and so I ended in a bit of a rut where I couldn't decide what I wanted to read and even when I did pick up a book, I could never get into the story at all.  And so, somehow in the midst of this I ended up deciding that if I wasn't really reading anything properly then I might as well pick up this one again and finish off it off at last, and I'm really glad I did.  I ended up really loving this one and enjoying the complexity of the story and characters that we followed throughout this book.  I also just couldn't get enough of the gorgeous writing style that I adored and so whilst I wouldn't say I completely and utterly in love with this one, it is definitely think that this is a book that I would understand and enjoy more reading more than once.     

Rating - 4.25/5

I somehow just managed to squeeze finishing this one off at the end of the month after starting it earlier on during it.  I read To All The Boys I've Loved Before a good while ago now, and so whilst I was excited about reading this one is was definitely not one that I was insanely eager to get to it and so its safe to say I only really picked it up for a easy and cute read.  However, whilst it did take me a while to really get into this one, I actually ended up really enjoying this one and found it was exactly what I needed to read.  I loved how we got to see more of all the characters of the first book as well as the introduction of some new ones as well, and although I am not sure whether I prefered it to the first book, I will definitely be reading the final book in this series, hopefully sometime soon.  

Rating - 3.5/5

What books did you read last month?  Which was your favourite?  Have you read any of these - what did you think?  

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