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The Last Star by Rick Yancey Review

After putting off finishing this series for so long, I finally managed to pluck up the courage to read the last installment a few weeks ago now.  I have absolutely loved this series so far, and so was pretty scared that this one wouldn't live up to the other books, but at the same time knew that I needed to get round to this soon as I reread The Infinite Sea in the summer, and so wanted to go into this one with the story fresh in my mind.  Thankfully, my anticipation and excitement for this was one was not wasted as I ended up really loving this final installment, the downside now being that I have now seen and the end of this amazing series.

One thing I have always loved about this series is all of the amazing characters it has in it, and so I loved seeing them grow further throughout this.  For me, this book just seemed to show us so much more about absolutely all of them, and allowed us to delve so much deeper into these characters.  I honestly can't tell you how happy I am that this series has given us complex and three dimensional characters who, even now, I don't feel like I have seen every side of.  I feel like as the books have progressed, we have slowly been allowed to get to know and grow to care about each of these characters individually, so much so that everything that happens to them I feel so deeply.

I also couldn't do my last review for this series and not dedicate something to the perfection that is Ringer.  I don't know how, but somehow she has just grown and grown on me so much as the story progressed, until there is no question that she is one of my favourite ever characters, and this book just solidified that fact for me.  I love how strong and smart she is and how she lets this shine through, but then also how reserved and sensitive she can be, as well as the mystery that always surrounds some aspects of her.  I am so glad that she became such a focal character in this series and 

If there's one thing this series does amazingly well, and others don't, its the split POV.  Somehow, where most others books fall flat on this front, this one, for me, just improves so much because of it instead.  It allows us to not only see things from all the characters perspectives, but also gives this idea of there being no one central main character, but rather of all of them being of equal importance, particularly in this book, which I love. 

As if this book wasn't already good enough, the writing was also, once again, absolutely beautiful.  It fitted the atmosphere so well at every single point of the story, kept me reading and hooked, whilst still giving some gorgeous quotes and sections.  I just always found that it set the pace perfectly, never really racing over parts or taking too long over them either.    

But all of this still couldn't make this book anywhere near as good as it is if the plot was not just as amazing.  Throughout this series, one thing I have also enjoyed was the direction the plot took, especially as for me at least, it often differed from what I expected, so I am so thankful that this continued through into this book.  There were times when I was on the edge of my seat, wondering and endlessly guessing what was possibly coming, and almost never guessing correctly.  

And if all that was still not enough, then the ending of this really did give me the perfect ending to the series.  It honestly wasn't what I was expecting at all, but at the same time it wasn't in any way unrealistic for the story or the characters and rounded off this series in what I think is the only way it possibly could have.  

And so, all in all, I definitely really loved this book and thought it was a great end to a great series.  For me, the plot, story and characters continued and ending exactly the way they should have whilst still being unpredictable and full of amazing plot twists.  The only thing keeping me from giving this 5 stars, which trust me, I would love to do, is that I just expected the ending to be the tiniest bit bigger than it was.    

Character - Ringer
Quote: 'You never lose those who love you, because love is a constant; Love endures'
'Love is the most dangerous weapon in the world'

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4.5 /5

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