Sunday, 27 September 2015

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson


After reading Since you've been gone last year, I picked this one up just before the summer hoping for another good book.  I had loved the addition of playlists in that one, as well as enjoying her style and so was excited to read another of her books, especially as this one promised more 'extra content'.  I'd also heard alot about this one from other people, and so wanted to pick it up at last.

Firstly, I really liked the beginning of the book and how the plot developed.  I liked reading about the growth of both of the main characters, Roger and Amy, and really enjoyed watching as they slowly became closer throughout the story.  It was nice to see Amy come out of her shell as she began to trust Roger more and more, something I loved seeing.

I also liked the flashbacks that seamlessly slipped their into the story, with one always coming at just the right moment.  I liked how the mystery of the crash slowly came to light to us as it did to Roger and loved hearing stories of her past as Amy slowly learnt to deal with it herself.  I enjoyed getting a glimpse into her old life, the flashbacks giving alot more to the story than a simple explanation would have.

Moving on from that, I also liked almost all the characters we meet, no matter how insignificant or small a part they played.  There was not one person who the pair meet on their travels that I majorly disliked, something I was not expecting.  I also found that I never got bored of either Amy or Roger, something I expected to happen as most, as they are the two characters we spend by far the most time with.  I actually found Roger reminding of Frank from Since You've Been Gone slightly, that a comparison I was by no means against!

However, there was one aspect relating to the pair that I wasn't the fondest of - the romance.  Going into this, I knew it was almost guaranteed that they would end up together, as is the way with many romance novels, and despite not having any problem with this, I did feel slightly underwhelmed by it all.  After rooting for them all along, I just found the ending of their story to be a bit iffy, and quite brief.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the scene when one of them finally stepped up, but after that it just went downhill for me.  Sorry!

Onto an more positive note, one of the aspects which adored was the travel side of things, as well as the added content that came along with it.  I loved reading about the new places they explored and the new people they meet, and loved seeing what they picked up from each place.  But as before, my favourite out of them had to be the playlist, something I once again loved.  Music is another one of my loves, and so I liked reading through each one and trying to pick out anything that sounded interesting or that I had heard of before.  I also liked seeing the comparison between both of their music tastes, something which made them seem so much more real.

So overall, I did like this one, with only a few things niggling at me after I read it.  I would definitely tell anyone to give it a read if you want a quick little read with a deeper story woven into it, or if you just fancy giving it a go!

Character: Roger
Scene:  Amy talking to Walcott on the golf course 
Quote: "The best discoveries always happened to the people who weren't looking for them."
"You've got to have pride in your home.  You are where you're from.  Otherwise, you're always going to be lost." 

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