Sunday, 26 April 2015

What I Was by Meg Rosoff

Review -

After trying and failing to read this book quite a while ago, I finally decided to give it another shot recently.  And, I have to say that, although it did keep me reading, I wasn't amazed by it.  I don't know whether I just didn't fully understand the plot or if it just wasn't my kind of book, but I just found it all a little lack-luster.  It didn't grab me as much as I expected it to, and overall I think I just wanted more of a story out of it than I got.  

Despite not loving this, one aspect that I did enjoy was the writing style.  I found it very unique, with it having a very old-fashioned vibe to it.  I loved how it was told, in basic yet interesting way which fitted extremely well with the setting of the book.  I felt as though it really helped to transport me to the little hut by the coast, the beauty in how it is told reflecting the setting and characters amazingly well.  

However, an aspect that was slightly unsure on was the plot as a whole.  Half the time, I found the simplicity of it worked well, with it allowing the characters themselves to shine through more.  But the other half I found myself bored and often skipping sections that just dragged over something I really wasn't too interested in.  I also found myself more than a little annoyed at the ending of this book, especially after the dramatic build-up to it.  I expected more than I got, and honestly just found it very disappointing, with it leaving me confused and feeling as though there was little point to it all, even if that is meant to be the beauty of it.  

Overall, I did like this, despite how negative I may sound about it.  Particularly later on, it kept me interested and intrigued about what was going to happen.  I'm glad I gave it another shot, but still doubt I would have had it been longer than it is.  


"...but now I'm older I've seen how little it takes to turn a person's life around for the better or worse.  An event will do, or an idea.  Another person.  An idea of a person."
"It's not that he lacked poetry.  But his poetry was of the body, not the mind,"
"In our dance of friendship, he led and I followed."


Old Shoes - Adam Barnes 
For my help - Hayden Calnin
Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin

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